Miracles Happen!

Down by 12 points with just over a minute to go, the Patriots were able to pull off an inconceivable victory yesterday  –  And we were there to see it!

Ryan Wendell is the man! Mom thinks that he’s the ‘Center of the Universe’, cause he plays center and he’s wicked nice.  A huge thanks to #62 for making it happen, giving me a ‘Game Ball’ and playing catch with us down on the field after the game.  We got to meet Dan Connolly, Logan Mankins and James Devlin too  —  Ryan threw me a pass and I ran the whole length of the field!  Dad couldn’t catch me because I’m fast and he’s slow.

All in all, it was a really cool & cold day in Foxborough.  The Pats looked down and out but they fought hard, came back and got the win ….

Life Lessons by The Pats:  Don’t ever give up!

xoxo JBT

4 thoughts on “Miracles Happen!

  1. Wow so cool – smiles all around. Mom is rocking some seriously fuzzy winter boots! Are those a Gilford Special?? Looking good everyone!

  2. COLD day in Foxborough, but you guys look prepared! Great game to be at, John! What a fun day to share with Mom, Dad and Clara too! I am so psyched for you that you got a game ball and were hanging out on the field!!! Love your smiles! Xoxo

  3. John, it doesn’t get any better. It was wonderful that you were at the game and got to meet Ryan and so many of the players. I am envious. Tell your Dad he better start working out if he is gong to keep up! We’re happy you were able to be there and the outcome was so incredible. It definitely serves as a lesson in life, “you never give up”!
    Bill & Pam

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