7 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season!

  1. Great pictures! We are watching The Grinch right now and your picture is spot on! I bet you and your sisters can’t wait for Christmas!! I know Emily is going to burst soon if she doesn’t unwrap a present!! From what I’ve seen, you must be at the very top of the “good list”! Enjoy the days ahead and don’t forget to get some sleep too!

  2. Your artwork is so inspiring with such vibrant colors, interesting shapes and terrific patterns (not to mention the great subject matter). Keep on drawing and painting…we love your work!!!

    We hope you have a wonderful holiday!!

    The Haughey family

  3. Awesome job! Maybe your mom and dad will let you come to a “paint nite” with me to teach me how to be such an artist! Wishing you, your wonderful mom and dad, and very special sisters, Clara and Elizabeth, a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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