Update from Memphis

Hi everyone,

We are just “resting” at the Memphis airport … our flight is delayed but we are hopeful to get home tonight.  Sounds like we missed an awesome snow storm, can’t wait to get home and start digging out!

Update from Memphis

John had a case of the flu on Christmas Day and we’ve since noticed some changes that make us a little nervous: nasal voice, off-balance, hard time hearing and his eyes were a little off as well … these things were obviously a concern to us coming into this next round of imaging.

John had a MRI at Judy’s yesterday and we met with the doctors this morning…. the tumor does not appear to be any bigger, which is great news.  However, there is some swelling in there which could explain some of the things we’ve been seeing.  This swelling can be from cancer cells regenerating or cancer cells continuing to break down, only time will tell but we feel strongly that it’s the latter.

We leave Memphis optimistic that the swelling is just a side effect of Radiation and the Chemo doing it’s job, nothing more.  Thank you for your thoughts and prayers … we are so thankful for your continued love and support.

Jesse & Alison

26 thoughts on “Update from Memphis

  1. Hi john!!!!! I did receive your Christmas card from jib jab. I thought it was so funny I joined and made some too! I tried to send one to you with pete’s mom
    and I and my granddaughters Cassidy who is also in first grade, Hazel who is only 7 months old, and my dog toby. hope you received it. pete’s mom said you were really sick on Christmas day before and after., that is just icky………. but I am sure you feel better now after getting things checked out. nasty cancer cells are dying, that’s what I think too. funny thing john my daughter carrie who is forty years old has something wrong in her brain too. she found out 3 days before Christmas. it is called AVM aterial venous malformation, it was making her have a baby seizures and then she had a bigger one so she went to the hospital. she has had a lot of tests done at the lahey clinic in Burlington ma. but she still has to have one more at beth Israel hospital in boston, then meets again with the surgical team to see if they can fix it. they might not be able to because it is bigger than they thought. so she is learning about hospitals and tests. just think you are smarter than her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am glad you are getting home to the snow….not good for building a fort or snowballs but great for sledding or tubing. I went down a very short hill and fell over out of the sled…..everybody laughed at me so I did too. but that night the top of my leg ached so I was not laughing. will I go again?????of course!!!! they have a huge hill in Amherst that is free to go to. I am sure I can make it down in my snow tube…..not sure about walking back up the hill………. I am no young chick!!! my frined james built an iceboat made out of all medal he put it on his little pond new years day but it was not windy enough….. if I ride on it I have to ride in the front and I will have to wear a motor cycle helmet to keep my head safe…..funny he didn’t say anything about keeping the rest of me safe! except to say that if I was in front I would brake his fall. I don’t think that is right john, what do you think? if I ride in the back I have to steer and brake he thinks only he can do that. hummh I will have to think about that a while……..maybe he should go on it the first time by himself!!!! feel better. love, Alias Aunt Pearl

  2. Keep thinking positive thoughts! Maybe just the excitement of Christmas got things a little out of whack. He’s been doing so well and I have faith that will continue. Thoughts and prayers are always with you guys! Stay strong 🙂

  3. I LOVE YOU, JOHN BRADLEY THOMPSON!!!!! YOU GOT THIS! Get some rest and I’ll see you in school on Monday! Mrs.A. XOXO

  4. I was ANXIOUSLY awaiting the news from your visit to JUDYS, soundspretty good to me YEAH! I hope you get home tonight! As an X airline employee,I know what days like today are at airports! GOOD LUCK!
    Sending Love, Prayers and Positive Vibes to All my Cousins
    Mary Anne

  5. John, we are soooooooo happy to hear your great news!!! Rest up buddy so you and Dad can hit the slopes when you get home… Lots and lots of snow… Thinking of all of you… With love and lots of prayers, Lee and Moe

  6. Hey John, your Wish Flag was waving madly at my house during this latest storm sending best wishes your way and I hope you caught them all!!! The bestest happiest wishes to you and Happy New Year.

  7. We are looking forward to seeing you guys when you get back. 🙂 Luke got a sticker book full of all the NFL teams for Christmas. He loves looking thru it and is starting to memorize all the teams and their logos. Sure reminds me of you!! Oh and Micah has the NHL sticker book, he wants me to tell you that. 🙂 See you soon! Heather

  8. Dude, we went skiing today. It was SOOOO fun! Actually, my Mom says I complained that I was cold the whole time and just wanted to spend all of her money on hot chocolate and snacks in the lodge. Did you know they have a waffle shack at Gunstock now, too?!? I am excited to see you at school on Monday and to go skiing with you soon. Maybe we can share one of those waffles.

  9. Hi Buddy! We love you! Can’t wait to build snow castles together!! You bring your art skills and we’ll bring our shovels! You are not gonna believe how much snow there is to play in!!

  10. Yes! Snow castles! I’d much rather build one with you than Ben. All he did today was cry when we were outside. Something about it being ‘too deep’ and having a ‘face full of snow’. Two more days until we are all together again, John! Glad you are on your way North.

  11. Like Mrs. Anderson said, “You Got This!” I look forward to seeing you on Monday. I will stop in and give you a big huge, whether you want it or not :). Thinking of you always!

  12. Alison and Jesse – Thanks for making the time to share the new from Judys so quickly. I’m sure everyone else has been waiting as anxiously as I have! Great news that the tumor hasn’t grown and since this is the season of good news I choose to believe the swelling is from sensible cancer cells deciding to break down, realizing that John has them beat.

    I hope you all got home safely between storms.

    much love to you love all – I keep you in my prayers –

    Anne (Uncle Andrew’s mom)

  13. Hope you made it back to snowy NH okay-I think these cold days are good for resting inside!! We are thinking of you always and sending positive thoughts and prayers your way, you got this John Bradley!! -Patty & Randy

  14. The flu can be a real STINKER! We hope you are feeling better and made it back home safely…so you can get out and enjoy the fresh snow!
    Dave, Malissa, Lila, and Grady

  15. Hope you made it home safely, it sure is COLD!!!! Thinking positive thoughts and keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.

  16. Hi John, I’m sorry to hear you weren’t feeling well, but I’m glad to see you still enjoyed the holidays with your family. I LOVE your art desk. I bet even Mrs. Valpey doesn’t have an art desk like that at her house. I can’t wait to see some of your masterpieces. Oh and tell mom and dad they shouldn’t be digging out after a trip home from Memphis. Mr. D’Agata has a big plow and would love to help out!! Stay strong!!! Love, Mrs. D’Agata ❤

  17. Hi John! Hope you are feeling better and were able to get out in the snow for a little this past weekend! Do you and Clara have a good sledding hill? I know Keira and Kendall would love to try it out with you. They were flying high off a big jump their Dad built for them yesterday. Snows all gone today, raining down here in Foxboro.
    You continue to amaze us with how brave you are!!
    Miss you guys. Give Mom a big hug for me- OK?!

  18. Dear John, Jesse, Alison —

    Thinking of you every day 🙂 I hope that John is feeling better soon. I still wear the bracelet for John every day.
    With love,
    Janet and Jack’s Angels in California

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