Hi Everyone!

We realize its been a while since our last post, let’s get you caught up.

Thursday was Elizabeth’s 1st Birthday, she’s getting so big!  We were very fortunate to have the family around yesterday to celebrate the big occasion. We took advantage of having all the Godparents here by Baptising the kids at the Gilford Community Church … thank you to Michael for making it happen on such short notice.

John lost his first tooth yesterday morning and the tooth fairy came through last night. This tooth has been wigglin’ for a while, so we were all excited when it finally came out.

The last month has been tough… symptoms have continued to develop and have lead John back into taking a steroid to help contain the swelling.  We go back to Judy’s in three weeks for his next MRI.  Although things are not great, we continue to stay optimistic and strong.

John is in good spirits and extremely focused on his art.  We’ve included a handful of his pieces from the last couple days for you to check out.  We are so proud our boy and remain hopeful that a miracle is waiting up around the corner.

The Thompson Family

33 thoughts on “Hi Everyone!

  1. Jesse and Alison, positive thoughts and prayers coming your way… Thank you for sharing the wonderful pictures of the Baptism and the family… And John’s art work is amazing!!! Love those pictures and just love those bright and vibrant colors… You are such a loving and amazing family!!! Thinking of you always…

  2. Thanks as always for the update .. We think of all of you daily and miracles do happen !! With much love… Jude and Jim

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  3. Glad for the update! I’ve been thinking about all of you!! Congratulations to Elizabeth on her first birthday and walking too! And to John for his upcoming first permanent tooth! I am always praying for a miracle and have pure faith it will happen!! Keep strong and happy!!! 🙂

  4. Hi John!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sounds like you have had a busy time over the holidays. and your sisters first birthday!!!!wow and she is walking too! WOW a lot to keep you busy…..now you have to watch everything….she could be anywhere!!!! in your room, playing with your stuff!!!! when I was a little girl my older sister went off to school and one day I went into her room and took her favorite bonnie doll and put perfume in her hair!!!! the dolls hair not my sisters. you remember my sister is uncle Petes mom. for a long time she was not happy with me……… I thought the dolls hair smelled pretty. guess linda didn’t. well what ever is causing the swelling in your brain must go away!!!!!hope you feel better soon. I don’t feel good today. I finally got my flu shot yesterday. they say old people should really get it…..so I finally did.. I was mad. I got sick!!!!I have had a fever and chills and oh my goodness every part of me ached even my baby toe!!!! today the fever is gone but I have an awful headache. sometimes things that are supposed to help you make you feel bad before you feel good. that doesn’t seem right does it????? I was looking at your drawings…they are really quite good! I think good enough to be in a childrens book!!!!! I have done some drawing. my grandmothers sister Della used to do oil paintings. my grandmother saved everything and then my dad saved everything so linda my brother Robert and I save everything. oh dear…..sometimes I think I have saved to many things!!!!!!! well anyways that is why I think I can draw cause I inherited that trait from my grandmothers sister. someday if you go to my sisters house with uncle pete and aunt becky you can see one of the drawings I did for my sister.. well I was thinking along with those pictures you should write a story to go with them. if you put some dragons, robots and boston red sox in the book it will be a big seller. my granddaughter cassidy(she is in first grade like you) thinks her favorite book writer now is Eric Carle…..have you read any of his books? did you know that uncle petes mom works in a library??? it is a small one because Danbury is a small town. I think I will ask her about the drawings . can you write a story to go with the pictures? well I think I will lay down for a while maybe take a nap. I don’t have a baby sister running around just my 3 cats and my big dog toby. they are all taking a nap. so I think I will too. keep up the drawings I would like to see more of them .I think you will be famous someday!!! stay well and keep smiling. you are in my prayers everyday John. love, Alias “aunt pearl”

  5. wow that was a long hi…… if I made mistakes in spelling it is because I am typing on the computer. sometimes the computer and I don’t go together very well!

  6. Thank you for the update. You have all been on my mind every day.
    Certainly, I was wondering how you were doing. John, you are a very talented artist and I so enjoyed seeing your art..
    Thank you, also for sharing your family photos. I sent much love and prayers.

  7. John, your drawings are excellent. I used to teach second grade, and I didn’t have many artists who were as good as you are. I especially like the alligator. I am in Florida right now, and today when I was golfing I saw three gators. One small one and two very big ones. I stayed far away from them! We are all sending good thoughts and prayers your way!
    I hope your tooth fairy left you a surprise!

  8. Sending you and the entire family the most strength I can muster, a big warm hug and the most positive vibes you’re way!! You got this!! xoxo

  9. Thank you for the update I was with Anna this weekend and we both said we missed our John Bradley emails. Love to all of you and John you look adorable with that tooth missing xoox Gert

  10. Awesome artwork, John! I love the giraffe and alligator the best. Otto and I just got home from the LA zoo and we saw some alligators today. Whenever we are in the car going to meet some of his CA friends and I say “Who do you think we’re going to see today, Otto?” he ALWAYS guesses “John and Clara!”

  11. Great photos – love the one of the whole family on the altar. Friends, family and fun – that’s what it’s all about! Keep smiling John (even if it’s with a few less teeth).

  12. I have always loved your artwork! Every morning I smile when I sit down to have my cup of coffee because my favorite mug is the one you made for me. Keep drawing. My favorite quote is, “the artist is not a special type of man but every man is a special type of artist.” You found your strength. Sending hugs and lots of love!!!

    Mrs. Madore

  13. Hi JBT and family, Happy 1st Birthday Elizabeth! Boy, you and your family really know how to party and celebrate and that is great! I love seeing the party pictures and all your great artwork. Speaking of artwork, I have one of your pictures ( which was on a thank you card) on my kitchen window at home and I look at it every day and think of you. I also wear my bracelet and sending you lots of love and support! I am so proud of you and your family! Take good care of yourself and know that I love you very much! Hugs, Lynn Carpenter Smith, UNH Alumni Association xo

  14. Happy 1st birthday to Elizabeth. Thanks for sharing the baptisms and pictures with us. John, you are quite an artist – I am beyond impressed. God is in the miracle business and we are praying for that for John. I hope the tooth fairy found your pillow. With love, hope and prayers. Becky in NC

  15. What a wonderful artist you are John!! I really liked the robot, but they were all awesome. I can not believe your sister is 1 already and almost as cute as you are handsome!!! Congratulations on your new tooth!!! Loved the family pictures and Thanks you for the update we have been missing them. Of course we are all sending you our love and prayers always. Keep up the positive attitude. Love to you all!

    Greg& Cindy

  16. Praying for all of you. You are all amazing people. Miracles happen everyday. Yours is coming soon.
    Lisa ,Schylar, Kendylle

  17. Congratulations on the tooth! Happy Birthday to Elizabeth too!!! You are a wonderful artist John Bradley! I really enjoy looking at your work 🙂 love & hugs Leslie

  18. Hi John….I hope you are signing your art work…It should all be framed and hung to be enjoyed by friends and family forever. I can’t decide if I like the robot or clown best. I wish I could draw something that looks like an alligator or giraffe! Guess my sister ( your alias Anut Pearl! (I didn’t really mispell on purpose, but……..) ) did get all the artistic talent in the family. I think about you and your family every day as you ‘keep strong’ together.
    Hugs, your Uncle Pete’s Mom

  19. John, Your artwork is AMAZING! I am going to have to show off your talents to all my 3rd graders. They need some pointers from you!!!! Meredith saw your missing tooth photo and she was ALL EXCITED on how you and her lost the same first tooth! We are sending you and your family many warm hugs and kisses! XOXOXOOXOXOXOX
    The Reich Family!

  20. Dear John,This is Maura’s mom writing to you . She used to draw just like you when she was your age.I still have many of her drawings that I have kept. It is such a great gift to have and you obviously have it! Continue to draw for yourself and others! If you get too many, send one our way… or to Maura! It was nice to see the family pictures and be able to share with you these wonderful moments. Love to you and to your family!
    .Sheila Mone

  21. Oh my gosh your artwork is amazing! If you ever have time to make one for the preschool I would love to hang one on our wall.

  22. John,
    Your art puts a smile on our faces. You are so talented. Better hide the robot painting because Dave wants it…he used to build robots that fought other robots! We think of you every day!
    Love, Dave, Malissa, Lila, and Grady Northup

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