Lean on us when you’re not strong

And we’ll be your friends

We’ll help you carry on!

We love you, John Bradley Thompson! Your FOREVER first grade friends!1st Grade!Grace John and the Monkey

In case you missed it, CLICK HERE to watch John’s 1st grade class do a skit on FRIENDSHIP!

8 thoughts on “JOHN STRONG!

  1. We heard all about this wonderful skit and the music Lean on Me… Thank you for sharing so everyone could see it… A very special time for John!!! Love it…

  2. Not only can you swim, skate and ski, but now act! Wow, you are so talented John and so happy you and your class did a skit on friendship! That is so special…………just like you. Thinking of you every single day! Do you still use your glow at night turtle ( I think it was a turlte or penguin) I gave you. I hope it keeps you company at night. Love to you and your wonderful family! Hugs, Lynn Carpenter Smith, UNH Alumni Association

  3. It was great to see you yesterday John and to see your awesome artwork and your song. I look forward to hearing you sing it! These are great pictures of you and your class and the monkey. Lots of love, Andrew’s mom, Anne

  4. I loved this showcase. John you spoke so loud and clear! I think about you every day, and hope you are feeling better from the flu bug! Love you dearly, Nurse Jenn See you soon 🙂

  5. WOW! Such wonderful friends…such a wonderful community! May the Thompson family know how much you are loved by so many–near and far!

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