Positive Vibes from afar!


I am student teaching all year with Mrs. Madore and have had the luck to color and draw with John in school. He is such an amazing little boy and so I wanted to do something to show how much support he has from people who have never met him but are praying for him and sending wishes!

These are pictures from the Bolton Fire Department, Bolton Police Department, a group of Massachusetts School Nurses, the staff at a Holiday Inn, the THON Committee from Penn State (they raised $12 million last year for pediatric cancer), and the pediatricians from Children’s Hospital in Boston.

We are all thinking of you and sending our prayers to you and your family John! I love seeing your smile in the halls!

Miss Farrell



One thought on “Positive Vibes from afar!

  1. John you have no idea how many people you have impacted. Your smile and continued strength makes everyone fall in love with you.

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