JBT. . . He’s a Good Egg!!

Hi John,

My daughter, Madeline has teamed up with our chickens to support JBT. They have been working around the cluck to produce, package and sell fresh eggs. They have already raised $31, just this week! That’s 120 eggs. They couldn’t have done it without the help of a friend and fellow chicken owner, also named Jon, who donated his fresh eggs to help keep up with demand. Now we just need to encourage our chickens to increase production. Maybe some nice spring weather will help. I bet you didn’t even know you have your own line of eggs.

Every good product needs a slogan.

Yours, you ask? JBT…He’s a Good Egg!!     Emoji

We love you and think of you every day! Stay Strong!
Love, Mrs. D’Agata, John, Madeline,
Shimmer, Bob, Snow Flake, Little One, Shorty and Spooky (the chickens of course) Emoji

5 thoughts on “JBT. . . He’s a Good Egg!!

  1. What is this about farm fresh eggs?!? I want some of these eggs! John, can you give me the low down on this or what, buddy!? You guys are holding out on us!!

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