Always in our Thoughts and Prayers!


The Lakers Mite 2 and Mite 3 Teams are always thinking of you John Bradley.

Love Andrew Gately, Carson McGreevy, Ben Smith, Aiden Stafford, Ethan Ellingson, Fin Harris, Sean Ellis, Rory Doris, Mischa Fay, Lydia and Rylee Stefan, Kacey Yorston and the rest of the Lakers Team.


3 thoughts on “Always in our Thoughts and Prayers!

  1. You Guys are lookin’ Good! Enjoyed the post.

    Rich Karger in Ft Myers Beach, Florida- winter Home of The World Champion Boston Red Sox I am proud to say.

    …..Way to GO JBT!!

  2. Good morning John!
    whats up? I hope you are having a good day. it is very cold out. when I let toby out the slider door all that cold air rushed in! I think I would like spring to come. I know there will be more snow, but I know spring will come. then ii have to pick up all the dog poop that has been hidden in each storm!!!!!OH NO!!!! I need a super hero to help me out. once when Cassidy was watching me do it at her house in Gloucester she said “man that poop of toby’s is as big as town!” it made me laugh. it even sounds funny when you say it. poop…. I was thinking about all your drawings that you have done. maybe you can write a story to go with them. and then one of your aunts can get it published! I would buy a book like that. uncle petes mother linda is coming to my house today. we will go to the Christmas tree shop and to an antique store tomorrow and one on Saturday. just to look around.. I can not buy anything. I need to give away things. well I have to go vacuum quick before she comes. so have a good day john and know that every day I say prayers for you and your alias aunt pearl

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