JBT support in Mexico!

Hi John!
I just wanted to let you know that I proudly wore your t-shirt on my February vacation! I included a picture of me wearing it in Cozumel, Mexico in front of a purple VW Dune Buggy. I look forward to your art show in March and continue to keep sending lots of positive spirt.courage.hope your way!
~Ms. Switaj

One thought on “JBT support in Mexico!

  1. Hi John! Sorry I have not written more often. my daughter has been in the hospital for her head surgery and come home yesterday. I will be busy here in Gloucester helping out with her recovery. and you know all about that stuff….so Happy birthday late!!!!! so glad to hear that you are seven. when I was seven I thought I was pretty old. now I am 66 and I think I am pretty young!!!! It looks like you had a wonderful party with your family and I think the animals that came to visit are pretty cute. and I love the pictures of you with the animals!!!!! I had pet rabbits sir oliver and miss muffet but that was not till I was in high school and knew how to take care of them all by myself. uncles peters mom linda had a rabbit that lived in their house!!!! I bet pete remembers that well. I did get your drawings in the mail and they are absolutely wonderful!!!! you do have a talent for drawing and using color. my granddaughter Cassidy said she could do the same but she can not. but I didn’t tell her that…..you are an artist!!! well take care john…. get plenty of rest and have fun working with your aunt kat……. love from alias aunt pearl

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