Thinking JBT in Hawaii!

Hi John! I just wanted to send you tons of love from Kauai!   

Love from Kauai

While here, I went high up into the mountains where there was a monastary and this beautiful statue, who represents a Hindu God of Wisdom.  People that come here leave behind trinkets and coins asking for a blessing. I decided to leave behind my JBT bracelet too (can you see it on his thumb?) and I said a prayer that all the doctors and scientists who are working on a cure for DIPG will find the wisdom to end this cancer for good.  I hope you think it’s cool that one of your bracelets is hanging out somewhere way up in the mountains of Kauai!

Hindu God of Wisdom

It’s so beautiful here and I am thinking of you, your mom and your whole family every day.


Love you – mom’s friend Maura.

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