Hello Friends!!!

Today I am 7!  We’ve spent the last couple weeks celebrating.  While we’re taking things day by day around here, we have been having fun with a full house. The whole family is here and I’ve continued to work hard on my artwork.  My Aunt Kat and I are making a movie right now based on a book I wrote called “The 3 Spies”.  Stay tuned, we might do a screening.

We had an awesome family party on Sunday, some cool animals came to the house, including a hedgehog, chinchilla and some guinea pigs.  My friends at school had a party for me today too … We had pizza and cake and I got in a little trouble shooting cake at my favorite teachers – I’m a pretty good shot with a plastic spoon!

My 7th Birthday

Today was a good day … Love you guys.


44 thoughts on “7!

  1. A late happy birthday John! I’m glad it was a good one. I loved the pictures – particularly the one of you holding Irene!

    I’m in Washington D.C. this week and it’s snowing! Someone didn’t get the spring message.

    Andrew and Kat sent me a picture of something that’s almost finished, but I think it might be a surprise, so I won’t say anything more except that you did an awesome job! I can’t wait to get the print and cards I ordered from your art sale. I was so disappointed not to be there!

    lots of love,

    Andrew’s mom Anne

  2. Happy Birthday John!! I know our paths don’t cross a lot but we think of you often. Sending love and hugs.

    Love Jack Jack, Taryn, Jess and John

  3. Happy B Day John!!!! Kristin and I miss you lots!! Glad to hear you had a great Birthday. You’re art looks fantastic! We still have the Panda you gave Kristin a couple years ago on our mantle! We love it!

    Missing you from NJ!

  4. Happy Birthday John!!! Awesome pictures, can’t wait to hear about the movie!! We think of you guys all the time and hope you’re smiling lots! : )

    Reese, Cooper, Kelly and Tim

  5. Happy Birthday John!!! looked like a really cool pirate party and 2 cakes! thinking of you all

    Love, Craig, Kristin, Colby and Connor

  6. Happy birthday, my beautiful little boy! And yes! It was a HAPPY birthday! Sweet dreams! I love you!!!!!! Mrs. A. XOXOXO

  7. A pretty good shot with a plastic spoon?! According to Kyle, your cake and ice cream shooting skills are sort of legendary. “One time, he hit his Dad right on his bum with some ice cream! It was sooooo awesome!” Happy, happy birthday buddy. Thanks for a FUN party at school today! xoxo

  8. Happy birthday handsome boy and thank you so much for the awesome note cards I received in the mail today- I’m so excited to mail notes featuring your cool drawings to my friends all over the USA- they are going to love seeing your artwork!!!
    We’re sending love and prayers to you and your whole family-thanks for always thinking of us and sharing your updates and photos, we love them….. Randy&Patty

  9. Happy Birthday John!! Loved the party pictures and the animals that you got to meet are so cool!!

  10. Happy Birthday John!!! Thanks for sharing some of your pictures from your weekend! I was pretty jealous when I saw you holding a chinchilla and a hedgehog! Aren’t they soooo cute?? I thought it was weird when I learned that chinchillas need to “bathe” in a powdery substance! Animals are funny! I loved your pirate cake! Clara did a great job helping! Glad to hear you had a great birthday!!! We’re always thinking of you over here! Happy Birthday! xoxo

  11. Well, it certainly sounds as if you had a warm birthday with your wonderful family. We think of you and your family every day, John . Thank you so sharing your photos with all of us.
    I just received your art and note cards in the mail today! I did misplace the email regarding it, so will be in touch with someone tomorrow. I LOVE the note cards, and the pic I chose was the yellow sun and animals. Just looking at it makes me happy 😄

  12. Happy birthday, John! It sure looks like you’ve been having fun! You know, 7 is a big milestone, and I just know you’re going to love being seven — 7 is a wonderful age to be. 🙂

    And you keep up on your art now…I am so impressed with how good you are at it, and I just love so many of your pieces! You can go far with art, li’l buddy. And good luck with the movie; I can hardly wait to see it. 🙂

    Much love,

  13. We have been proudly sending your note cards to friends and family. Amazing stuff for sure…..just like you and your wonderful family. Lots of love from us, Peter and Jane Ellis

  14. Happy Birthday to YOU, John! I remember the day you were born, because mine was the 19th, and your Pops Brad kept us in touch. Hope that your day was extra special – miss you. Look forward to April vacation, Yes ❤ Love to all, Jo-jo, Jerry, and Caleb

  15. Happy birthday John Bradley! Sounds like you had an amazing day. I loved all the pictures. Big hugs to you and the family. Love you little man!

  16. Happy Birthday!!! I am glad you got to spend the day with family and friends. You deserve to be surrounded by love and happiness. You are even more amazing at 7!
    Lots of Love, Mrs. Madore

  17. Happy happy happy happy birthday !!!! You don’t know me but I met you when you were a little baby! I even got to hold you!!!!
    I have known your mommy since she was a little girl… As well as the rest of the “Hesko” clan!!!!!
    I wanted you to know that I LOVE your blog and your art work!!!!!
    You are in my thoughts and prayers John, and I’m so happy that you had a really good day!!!!!!!!
    Love, Beth xo

  18. Happy birthday, John!!! Your artwork is amazing, just like you!! 😉 we’re always thinking if you, buddy!! Xoxo

  19. Happy Birthday, John. Those little animals are so cute. It must be so amazing to touch them. Happy #7, with Love!

  20. Hi John, Happy Belated Birthday!! I am so happy that you had such a fabulous birthday! Wow – a hedgehog – I have never held one of those – you are very brave!! So glad you had so much fun with your family, friends and classmates at all your birthday parties! I am so excited to hear about your new book and see your upcoming video! Thanks also for posting great birthday photos on your blog. I think of you every single day! Love and hugs, Lynn Carpenter Smith, UNH Alumni Association ( P.S. I was with your grandparents last night and they were bragging so much about you. We are all so proud of you.) xo

  21. I’m so happy to hear you had a great birthday!! But your Mommy didn’t steal the little hedgehog did she?! 😉 It sorta makes me wonder who that party was for! Ha! If you want more animals paraded around your house just give a call…I’ll happily bring over my rats, cats, dogs and birds!! Love you buddy!! So happy you had a good day!!!!

  22. Happy Birthday John! Sounds like you had a great day! The animals that came to see you are so cool! It must have been so much fun! Thinking of you often.

  23. Happy Birthday John! Love all the pictures of your birthday celebration. What cool animals! Sounds like you had a great party at school too. Nothing like a little cake flying action to spice things up! Thinking of you everyday.

  24. How very wonderful you had such a great 7th birthday. Thank you for sharing all the lovely photos. I am sending you belated birthday wishes, hugs and prayers every day!! Love to you and all your family. Lynne

  25. Thanks for sharing your fun day with all your friends. Glad your
    birthday was such a happy one. Greetings from your friends Washington, DC.
    The Downey Family

  26. Seems like a wonderful day was had by all. I know you and Aunt Kat will create something really special with “The 3 Spies”. And those baby animals must have been very fun to hold. I am so glad that you have your wonderful family, aunts and cousins with you. How special you are!!
    Hugs and prayers everyday.
    Holly Rene

  27. I love all of your art so much! We already framed it and hung it up.. Pictures to follow.. Looks like you had a great birthday! Did you have animals there? That looks really cool.
    Thinking of you and your family every single day.

  28. WOW! So glad you were all able to celebrate! AND thanks so much for sharing the news and pictures with us! Thinking of you all….Brenda and family

  29. Dear John, I met you a couple years ago at a Christmas Eve party at your Aunt Becky and Uncle Pete’s house. I thought you were an amazing kid then, when you spent hours working on a sticker number picture. You explained to me how you knew where to put each tiny colored sticker to create a piece of art. Now you are creating your own original art work. I chose the tin man with a heart to frame and hang in my kitchen because the colors go so well on the yellow walls and because I think having a big heart is so important.. Thank you so much for sharing your works of art. I will send the note cards to my most special friends!
    Hugs, from your Uncle Pete’s Mom.
    P.S. You are now the most awesome 7 year old that I know!!!!!!

  30. Happy Birthday, John, though I’m a little late! My daughter Sophie and I are sending you a birthday card. I’m very glad you had such a wonderful birthday; congratulations on 7 times around the Sun!!!
    Much love,
    Janet and the Demeters in California

  31. Couldn’t wait to see you and your family today but I got sick ! Bad cold and such . I miss all of you , and hope to see you soon ! Love ya , Nurse Jenn

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