28 thoughts on “Friends.

  1. My Dearest Little Angel John,
    How we all miss you and seeing this beautiful gift from your friends —– who will always remember how special you always will be in memory and in life —- is just another reminder of how you opened our hearts forever. I will miss you every single day until I put my arms around you again. You changed my life and all those who were blessed to know and love you. Always and Forever EWIT Aunt M

  2. A very special tribute to a very special boy and his wonderful family… We miss you John Bradley Thompson!!! Hugs and kisses coming your way… Love, Moe and Lee

  3. I think of you often and promise to write to you soon. John Bradley touched everyone that he met. I love you guys and miss you. Lots of hugs for Clara and Elizabeth, and especially for you Alison and Jesse.

  4. What a special boy and his wonderful family! You are always in our thoughts. My girls loved opening the yearbook to see that awesome page! I love the feeling of warmth when I get mail from Think John Bradley! We all miss you and our thoughts and prayers to Clara, Elizabeth, Alison and Jesse and the rest of the family! Keep smiling!

  5. We think of John and the rest of the Thompson family often. Lots of positive thoughts, happy wishes and love for you all are frequently sent out from the Tourville’s.

  6. The staff of the Gilford Elementary School and particularly John’s own teacher were so amazing and handled this whole devastating experience with such grace and as such a positive learning experience. Kudos to all of you!

  7. When I opened the yearbook, it brought tears to my eyes. John will always have a special spot in my heart and in the hearts of many at the elementary school. He was with us for a short time, but his memory is with us for a lifetime. Thinking of him everyday.

  8. I don’t have a personal story to share except for what I posted here. I think of your family everyday and wonder how you are doing and say a prayer. I think of John everyday and how much you must miss him. God Bless your family and I hope he is helping you all during this difficult time. John would have liked this day so sunny and nice so you must get out and feel the sun on your faces and love everyone. I tell my girls and their daughters how much I love them when I call or visit. And all my friends too. the yearbook is wonderful and what a grand idea to celebrate Johns life . I am sure that all your friends and family are sending good prayers every day for you all.

  9. John’s beautiful face still graces our refrigerator where we can look at him many times a day. The dedication of the yearbook is a phenomenal tribute to his memory. Prayers and lots of love going out to John’s family – immediate and extended.

  10. Jesse, Alison, Clara and Elizabeth, THANK YOU for bringing John into our lives! He became our teacher and taught us well! He taught us that the most simple things in life are really the grandest! He taught us to: Smile wide. Laugh out loud. Work hard. Play harder. Dream big. Be kind. Make-up. Have tea parties, picnics and food fights. Be silly. Hug tight. Sing. Dance. John lives on in my classroom! He is a part of each and every one of us! He continues to give us strength and courage. This thing called life, we are in it together. With John in our hearts anything is possible!! John, we will try to live our lives the way you would have, with grace!!!!!! Until we meet again, my little buddy! I love you all the way to heaven and back. Forever and always! Proud to be your first grade teacher! (Thank you for being mine!) Mrs. A. XOXO

  11. Dedicated to a very brave boy and a very special family.
    Love and prayers to you all, Randy & Patty

  12. We see you every day here in California, John – in the pictures on our walls and in our memories and dreams. We love you.

    – uncle Dan, aunt Kalee, cousin Otto.

  13. A very special tribute to a very special boy. We love and miss you so much but we will always be grateful to have known you. Xo in heaven JBT.

  14. Harry, Oliver, Aiden, maddie and Gracie did a special tribute off the diving board this week… Each yelling what they miss and remember about sweet Jon on every jump…”jbt was an awesome football player” “jbt I miss your smile” “jbt I hope your running around happy in heaven” … Never forgotten jbt oxox

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