The Cure Starts Now – Help Get The Word Out!

You have probably heard about Lauren Hill, the 19-year-old girl fighting DIPG in Cincinnati.   ESPN did a Tom Rinaldi piece last night, her story was on the Today Show this morning and on all the news programs earlier tonight.  Lauren has selflessly committed her remaining days to giving a voice to all children fighting this horrible condition.  Her idea was to grow awareness and funding for DIPG research through her final NCAA college basketball game  –  She plays for a Division III School and her last game was yesterday … She scored 4 points and there were 20,000 tearing eyes in attendance.  It was special, it was all for Lauren.

Lauren has issued a challenge to all  —  Spin around 5 times and try to make a lay up with your non dominant hand.  This challenge symbolizes what it’s like to have DIPG and try to play as she did on Sunday  —  If you miss, you pay $10 to The Cure Starts Now Foundation.   After you try, you need to challenge 3 – 5 people to do the same.
Make sure you go to to see the YouTube video of us – Jesse and Alison – taking the Challenge!

This challenge is already growing to a massive level  —  Lebron James has committed to trying it, as well as a couple NFL quarterbacks, national personalities and beyond …. And this is only one week into the challenge. 

Lauren and The Cure Starts Now needs your help to help this gain momentum  –  Sooner the better.   Our request is that you do the challenge yourself, make the donation and put it up on Twitter or Facebook to spread the word … #layup4lauren.  This is going to spread like wild fire, which will get us closer to preventing children and their families from enduring the unthinkable reality of DIPG.
You can see more at and we urge you to watch the ESPN piece at:
Thanks guys, we appreciate your willingness to help — Together with Lauren, we will make a difference.
Jesse & Alison

2 thoughts on “The Cure Starts Now – Help Get The Word Out!

  1. Amazing challenge! What a brave young girl! Jeff and I will do our part and attempt this challenge, donate and post it to Facebook to help get the word out and spread some knowledge so more and more attention can be brought to DIPG and we can help find a cure for this awful disease.

  2. We are looking forward to trying this challenge and helping to raise awareness for the Cure Starts Now. Thanks for the great demonstration Jesse and Alison! (and Jack) 🙂 xoxo

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