Dance, Dance, Dance…. in case you missed it!!

It is safe to say that Jesse will literally do anything to raise awareness and money for a charity that is so close to our hearts.  Our community near and far once again supported us and surrounded us with positive energy and love. We could not do this without you.   It was an amazing night.  We want to congratulate all the other dancers that put their best foot forward to make it such a successful event and a night to remember.
Ladies and Gentlemen, Enjoy The Show!!

9 thoughts on “Dance, Dance, Dance…. in case you missed it!!

  1. Absolutely terrific show! Such positive energy and enthusiasm from participants and audience alike. Jesse & his partner really outdid themselves for a very deserving charity. Kudos to all the other dancers, too, who put on a very entertaining show.
    It was exciting to hear that in the previous 5 years a total of $45,000.00 was raised & this year alone $32,540.00 was the total. Way to go everyone!

  2. Well, we know for sure that our sweet John Bradley got the Dance DNA from GUESS WHO !!!! I laughed and cried and laughed. So wonderful not only to see Jesse in a leotard but to see his love and dedication and energy fill our hearts with joy. YAY YAY YAY !!! Another example of the fantastic community in the Lakes Region and how unbelievable Jesse and Alison are. Our family has a special place in our hearts for all of you in the Lakes Region. EWIT Aunt Maureen

  3. Jesse you are amazing and ridiculous!! Thank you to everyone who continues to support our family and John. We will find a cure! love aunt caroline oxox

  4. This was spectacular!! Laughed … cried … goosebumps … and … pure joy for the love and devotion this family exudes!! xo

  5. Jesse, you are unbelievable!!! You and your partner were wonderful… Congratulations!!! Can hardly wait to see what’s next…

  6. LOVE this– I’m sitting watching it- laughing & crying & laughing & crying….so sweet! Love to you all- Jesse you’re a champ!!! xx
    -Emily Gallant

  7. Truly one of the greatest experiences….you could definitely see that Jesse put his heart and sole (and exceptional rhythm) into this dance…..thanks for an entertaining night for great causes in our area!

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