We got this!

The sun was shining bright for the 7th Annual Regatta. It was a true test of perseverance by the sailors who endured some long periods of low-wind conditions. Well done sailors, you were the heroes of the day!


We are so humbled to present this years JBT Perseverance Award to Nancy Johnson. Nancy is a dedicated active WYC member. She has battled cancer over the last seven years – she is strong, she is caring and most worthy to be this years recipient.

ARGO III with Casey Nickerson and crew took 1st place – the 2020 Pandemic Champion. Congrats Casey! Team Gostosa with Conner Hayes and crew took 2nd. Our Top Fundraiser was Nancy Hesko as the elusive Captain Dearest with her Dingy (not a real boat – she was only in it for this award! Well done Dearest).

  • Cody James provided the tunes onboard the Lake Life Services barge – thanks Cody!
  • Ruth rocked it as master of the Race Committee – thanks Ruth!
  • Carter and Molly White with You-Regatta for the JBT Buffs!
  • Thanks to Tari for organizing the JBT apparel on the WYC Ship Store!

We raised just over $92,000 for the Cure Starts Now. This is an incredible feat given all the challenges we face right now. As always we are so thankful for the support of our community. Each year we get closer to the homerun cure.


The race results are:

J80 Class: 11 Boats
Argo III — Casey N.
Gostosa — Conor H.
Pressure — Guy N.
Bear Off — The Family Crosby
Point Her — Paul D.
Ninkasi — Sara L.
Claddagh — Jay N.
Shadow — Mine C.
Badfish — The Family Stevens
Sugar Mountain — Mark S.
Anticipation — Don P.
Kia Ora II — Gary B.

Thanks to all our sailors. You put on the show. You make this happen.




See you next year!

3 thoughts on “We got this!

  1. Congratulations to all. What a beautiful day / hope we can personally be at the event next year. Xxxooo

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