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If you would like to send a card to the family, please send it to:

Jesse and Alison Thompson
P.O. Box 7552 
Laconia, NH 03247


If you would like to make a donation, the family has asked you support the Gilford Youth Center or the Cure Starts Now in John’s honor.  Checks can be made out to either entity and sent to the P.O. Box above.   Thank you.



You can also make donations directly to the family by check to the JB Thompson Charitable Fund and send it directly to the bank at the following address:

FBO JB Thompson Charitable Fund
Bank of New Hampshire
62 Pleasant Street
Laconia, NH 03246

We can accept secure on-line gifts to the JB Thompson Charitable Fund by credit card through PayPal.  Just click the Give A Gift button below to be transferred to PayPal.

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Thank you so much for your support, it is greatly appreciated.

34 thoughts on “Donate / Contact Us

  1. Dear John,
    Although the miles keep us apart, you are near and dear and remain in our hearts! Here’s to feeling better and stronger each and every day!

    Love you.
    The Greiner Clan

    • Hi John, It is Aunt Patrice, I have a new computer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish You were in Virginia to show Me Everything. I havemissed hearing from You and Family!! I am a nursr BUT not a good computer nurse. Please give Mom,Dad Clara, and little Baby My love, Aunt Patrice

  2. Alison and Family and especially John, I am praying for you from the very depths of my heart and soul! This is such a trying time and please continue to have faith and know that so many people are practicing the power of prayer right now! Love to all!

  3. Jesse, Alison, John and the Thompson Family- sending lots of love, and positive energy your way! The UNH Alumni Association and I all send our heartfelt thoughts, prayers, and wishes for you all – stay strong and know that we love you all very much! You have a huge fan club and we are all here for you! I remember you John when you had your face painted as Spiderman at UNH Homecoming a few years ago! Remember how mighty you really are! Lots of love and hugs, Lynn Smith

  4. Just a quick note to let you know you are all in my thoughts and prayers. Sending lots of positive energy fom Gilford!

  5. We are praying for you here in Strafford John. . Keep up the fight little man. You have so many people praying and routing for you. Sending love and prayers to you and your mom and dad.
    Xoxo the Maderes

  6. From Addison H. who is sporting 2 of those awesome bands that have a special name of John on them (one on each ankle)!! She said she missed you on the last day of school. We check out your page every night for updates and she loves looking at all your pictures, She says “I miss you” and “I hope you feel better soon”. Love Addison

  7. We use the dinner table to stop and “send” positive, healthy thoughts your way. In a good way, we obsess about u :)) Our entire community misses u…can not wait to see u at Gilford Beach.
    Love the entire Lehr family xoxoxo xoxoxo

  8. John, Sounds like you are doing Great getting stronger and better everyday! I hope Il be able to come visit you when you go back to New Hampshire. Your blog is Super! Take Care, Lots of hugs and Kisses to you and mom,Dearest and Caroline. Cousin Mary Anne

  9. My son Mike Dow told me of what is going on in your family right now, There are no words that i could possibley say to you besides of what every one else is saying now, You are in thoughts and prayers each and every day. And we will keep praying until you are strong enough to come home.
    Mom and Dad, stay strong, Love to all of you

  10. Hi Alison – it’s Lisa from zumba class. I feel so badly about all your family is going through. I am sending prayers and positive energy to all of you in Tennessee. Summer in Gilford will be waiting when you all return in August! Hang in there. I don’t know John personally but I am learning what a strong little fighter he is!

  11. I would hope that his donation would try to find a cure for young children who find themselves with this type of disease. All we can do is hope for the best and get them very good Doctors. We’ve been there and will be more then willing to help them work through this very difficult time in life. Thank God that they also have very nice parents and Grandparents to help. May he be the most protected child in the world or the most loved. He’ll win either day.

  12. Happy 4th of July little man. Our love and prayers are with you. We all miss your smiling little face here at Gilford Hills.

  13. john,
    kiddo! i miss you so much. always thinking of the strongest kid i know, and the strongest family i will ever meet.

    always wearing my bracelet.
    love you to the moon and back.
    -Sophia <3.

    can't wait to see youuuuu!


  15. Jesse,
    My good thoughts and prayers for the best are with you and your family. I wish you all the very best. Stay Strong.

  16. Dear John:

    I am Andrew Spofford’s uncle. My wife Teresa Petrovic and I met you when you were driving the cool electric car at your Aunt Kat and Andrew’s wedding two years ago. We just visited them in Malden and got to meet your really cute new cousin Irene. That was the day your float won the prize in your town parade. We are sending a contribution today to help find cures for your illness. You are going through some hard stuff for a young man. Congratulations on your courage. Much love from Washington, DC!

    David Aylward

  17. Dear John,
    I just wanted to send you a little note to let you know that a lot of people are thinking of you, and sending prayers your way. May all of your days be filled with love and laughter….and may God Bless you and your family with good health.
    Kindest regards,

  18. Hey little man,
    We don’t know you but wanted to cheer you on in your fight! You look like a little warrior, a wonderful big brother, and a really great kid – we love your big smile! We wish you many many more days of happiness and love. Keep your spirits up!
    Yours truly, your little friends in Hingham

  19. Hello John!
    Nice to meet you. As a Fellow New Englander, I noticed we like the same Teams!
    Red Sox, Bruins, Patriots, Celtics….they need a little help-lol
    I am wishing you All The BEST!

    Dice Martin, Las Vegas Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

  20. I don’t know you, but our entire church in Southern MN is praying for you. I have been studying nutrition as it relates to disease. Cancer thrives on sugar, that is why they give patients sugar and take a PET scan…they look for the sugar, as that is where the cancer is. The best diet for a brain tumor is a ketogenic diet…it starves the cancer. Dr Robert Rakowski is an internationally reknowned nutritionist that speaks all over the world. He teaches post graduate courses in nutrition. He works not only with Olympic athletes to enhance their performance but also with people with advanced diseases, including cancer. If this were me or my child, I would contact Dr. Rakowski. He practices in Texas but does phone consultations. 281-286-6040. His recommendations can be in addition to the medical care your dear son is getting. Wishing you strength for your journey. Sincerely, Kristine Meints, D.C.

  21. march 10th,
    Hi John! I could not come to your art show but I love all the drawings that you have done. I think that your are very talented! Congratulations! what did the tooth fairy bring to you another tooth ? I remember when I was little and my teeth fell out. as I recall I think we got a quarter. I saved my money so I could buy a sugar daddy lollypop at the general store. Are you 7 yet? Cassidy( my granddaughter) had her birthday two weeks ago. The first day was a family party and after a cake of ice cream sandwiches and hot dogs to eat she opened her presents. then the family went roller skating! the next day she had a party at the bowling rink with all her friends from first grade. BOY! two parties ! when I was young it was pistachio flavored homemade birthday cake and my mom made it pink colored with pink butter icing. I can almost taste it now. when I was little they didn’t have cake mix in a box. you made your own mix! and I only had two or three friends to the house. we played pin the tail on the donkey and a ring toss and a bean bag toss. not much compared to bowling and roller skating. but then that was a THOUSAND years ago ! I hope your medicine is taking care of bad stuff like feeling dizzy and throwing up. THROWNG UP IS THE WORST THING EVER !!!!!!!!! I hated it when I was little girl and I still hate it now! Plus it is gross ! GROSS ! when I was seven I got sick with terrible stomach pains and was very sick to my stomach. I had a very high fever. at first my mother did not believe me because I used to say I felt sick so I wouldn’t have to ride the school bus and my daddy gave me a ride in his car. I liked that. he used to call me his little Pody. I think he liked driving me to school too. well anyways when I got real sick my mom did not believe me until I threw up on my bed! then I got the high fever. the dr came to the house to see me. drs used to come to houses in the olden days. then he left. in a few hours I did not have a stomach ache…. I thought he cured me! but he did not. my mom made me dress up in a white wool dress with big red buttons on it and wear my patent leather shoes. patent leather usually is in shiny black or white. my shoes were black. you only wore patent leather shoes on special occasions like easter or visitng grandma…..but my parents took me to the hospital. and I had to get undressed all over. I did not understand why I had to dress up to get undressed. I wore a johnny…. you know what they are I am sure. I woke up the next day and my parents were next to my bed. I had a tube in my nose that went all the way to my stomach. the machine it was connected to made a lot of funny gurgling noises. I felt sick and cried a lot. they said my appendix ruptured. my dad said I almost died. well here I am 59 years later and I remember it like it was yesterday. so I hope you don’t have to be throwing up ! I am ging to order some pictures by you cause I love your drawings. I still think you should write a story to go with the pictures. they are wonderful.
    oh dear we are having more snow on Wednesday and Thursday!!!!! I think I would like the snow to go away now. uncle petes mother linda is going to oak island in north Carolina to see my brother rob this coming Friday. I can’t go. my daughter carrie has to have surgery on her brain on march 26th. she is 40 years old. she does not have cancer but something else. I think you could tell her a lot about what to expect in the hospital. but I don’t think she will be a good patient like you and brave. she hates hospitals. well john I have to pay bills now. can you still go sleigh riding or tubing ? maybe if it snows enough I will put on my skipants and go with toby my dog. he is a golden retriever, big like Jackson. he likes to make dog angels in the snow. talk to you soon….keep up the great work and being brave I looked at all your pictures at Christmas and I love your smile!!
    alias Aunt Peal

  22. I’d like to present a full Family Magic Show to help with fund raising. Let’s get this idea moving to support one of my favorite art students who has his own kind of magic!

  23. Dear Jesse and Allison, I am so very sorry to hear of John’s passing. I have thought about you guys every day and hope you can find peace. With love and condolences, Jo Moynihan

  24. I have to tell you I still think of John everyday and the process of what you all went through. and I say a prayer every day mostly for you and the family. john is with god and he is okay now but that is what I believe…….so I continue to keep your family in my prayers. may god bless you each and every day with great strength and hope.

    from alias aunt pearl

  25. Our donation is from Greenfield Elementary School on behalf of our dear friend Maryellen Annese. We send prayers and positive thoughts to your entire family.
    The Greenfield School Staff

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  27. Dear John Bradley, I didn’t know you but we have a bond and I think of you so often. You see I knew your dad and aunts when they were in high school. I was a young teacher then and went on to meet my husband at GHS and we would have 4 children, one of whom would be diagnosed at age 11 with a medulloblastoma brain tumor. Unlike with your type of tumor, he had a chance: he was able to have surgery. Surgery, radiation and chemo have kept the tumor away. Honestly, I had never heard of brain cancer before our experience and to hear that you and your amazing family had to face this as well, broke my heart. I kept thinking that years of OT, PT and speech therapy would bring about a “new normal” but they all took their toll. I watch my son struggle every day without the use of his left side and he remembers what it was like when he was smart, coordinated and athletic. I struggle but every time I feel overwhelmed, I think of you and know that your family would give ANYTHING to have you back and would find a way to deal with our everyday struggles and that gives me the strength to keep going. In gratitude, Monica

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