A Wonderful Day.

A Wonderful Day.

The 6th Annual JBT Regatta was an overwhelming success!   We were graced with perfect weather and WYC was packed with hundreds of beautiful people to celebrate John and help raise over $106,000 for the Cure Starts Now Foundation!

We finally had some wind …  A nice Westerly breeze aided Guy Nickerson and his crew of “Pressure” to defeat 20 other boats and earn the top honor  —  Great work Guy!

The Party at WYC was immaculate … Almost 300 smiles graced the grounds of WYC to enjoy the music, food, JBT Store, awards, auction and to most importantly, to celebrate the memory of John Bradley Thompson —  The most awesome kid that ever was.

This year’s JBT Perseverance Award was presented to Allan Beetle, a fixture in our community who battled & defeated cancer a decade ago and acts as an advocate to others who are facing health or life challenges.   His philanthropy & involvement in our community is 2nd to none and we are proud to Honor Allan with the 2019 JBT Perseverance Award.

In the end, it was a perfect day and we are so thankful to everyone who helped out with the event, showed up to party, donated auction items & money for the cause and a huge thanks to the WYC for hosting such a great event … Your support is appreciated.

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See you guys next year!


Tomorrow is the Big Day…

The 6th Annual JBT Regatta Party starts at 4pm at WYC. It’s going to be a perfect day in the Lakes Region, so end it with style!

This years auction is the best yet! Check out some of the amazing items we have lined up:

Gunstock Ski Club Year Membership
Lobster Bake for 20 on Welch Island
K2 Powder Skis
Paddle boards
Sox / Bruins / Pats / Nascar tickets
Golf Tournament for 20 @ Nippo / RCC
Parafunalia Lily Pad
Golf at LCC & Hanover CC
Texas Hog Hunt
Indoor Golf Membership to Patrick’s
Fay’s Pontoon Rental
LWSA Sailing School Sessions
Silver Sands Surf Session
Fjallravan Bags

Gift Certificates Gallore
American Cottage Specialty
InnSeason Vacation
Custom Shot Ski

The Big One: 30 Minute MDB Firework Show

….And soooo much more!

Nevermind free food, great people and a keg!

Still time to make a donation:

Or you can support your favorite crew @ https://thecurestartsnow.salsalabs.org/6thannualjbtregatta/index.html

See you tomorrow!

A Big To-Do – 2 weeks away!

We’re gearing up for the 6th Annual JBT Regatta, just two weeks away!    Everyone is invited, whether you’re a sailor or not …. They’ll be live music, a free BBQ for the whole family, great awards and the coolest auction ever  —  The Race starts at 11:30AM, but more importantly, the Big Party starts at 4 PM at WYC on Dockham Shore in Gilford, NH.

Our New Hampshire Chapter has raised just under $750,000 since we joined The Cure Starts Now Foundation back in 2013, when our son John was battling DIPG.  The impact we have made is remarkable and every dollar raised gets us one step closer to finding a Homerun Cure for Cancer.

HELP THE SAILORS HELP US!  The more $ a boat raises, the more time off their race results (bragging rights!). Consider supporting a particular sailor and help their boat gain an advantage on the water then you can do so at: http://thecurestartsnow.salsalabs.org/6thannualjbtregatta/index.html


Thank you for your continued support – see you in a couple weeks!


July 13 – 6th Annual JBT Regatta


MARK YOUR CALENDARS!  The 6th Annual JBT Regatta & Auction in support of The Cure Starts Now Foundation is being held on Saturday July 13th at the Winnipesaukee Yacht Club (WYC) in Gilford.  This annual event allows our community to come together and continue to fight DIPG by supporting a Foundation that is making great strides to finding a cure… And have FUN while doing it!! ALL ARE WELCOME!!

The Cure Starts Now Foundation is making great progress in bringing both Researchers and Pediatric Neurologists together in order to combat the devastating reality of DIPG.   Many believe that DIPG holds the secrets that could lead to the cure for all Cancers  —  Our goal is to find that ‘Homerun Cure’ so no parent has live with the loss of child to cancer, as we did with our son John.

Registered boats will set sail at 11:30am. Live music, Auction and Award Ceremony festivities to commence at 4pm.  Each year, we are honored to recognize a person from our community who has persevered life challenges with undeniable integrity and positivity with the JBT Courage.Spirit.Hope Award.  Bring the whole family to cheer on the sailors, enjoy the music, take a dip in the lake, bid on great local auction items and congratulate the JBT Award recipient (to be announced at the Event).  Light food will be served, BYOB.

If you are interested in sailing, supporting the cause with an auction item or just making a donation, please email Jesse at jesse@ndprecast.com.

More information to come.  See you on July 13th!


And the trophy goes to…

And the trophy goes to…

It was an amazing night at the Merril Fay Arena! Collectively, our community raised another $30,000 to fund critical DIPG research!

Jeff D’Arcy took home the coveted JBT Trophy by winning the Not So Mini one-on-one Shootout. Congrats Jeff!

A huge thanks goes to the New England Wolves for bringing this event together. And special thanks to everyone who came out to the rink to celebrate John & chip in for The Cure Starts Now Foundation, we are so humbled by your continued support!

The Cure Starts Now is getting us closer to the day when there is a cure for cancer. When that day comes, we will all be winners.

Thank you!

Saturday is JBT Hockey Night

JBT Hockey Game is this Saturday, 7pm at the Merrill Fay Arena in Laconia.

Come out for some family fun and help support the NE Wolves & the ten generous, hard working locals participating in the Not So Mini one-on-one Shootout Competition. The winner of the shootout takes home the JBT Trophy!

Our skaters need your help with fundraising. Please consider donating, each $500 a skater raises gets them one puck in the shootout.

Please go to: https://thecurestartsnow.salsalabs.org/jbt-shootout-2019/index.html

Choose a competitor to support and make your tax deductible donation. It’s easy, only takes a minute and moves us closer to curing DIPG and finding the homerun cure for pediatric cancer!

Hope to see you Saturday evening. Thanks!

JBT Hockey – Saturday, January 26th

JBT Hockey – Saturday, January 26th

The New England Wolves have once again dedicated one of their home games to celebrating the memory of John Bradley Thompson and to help raise awareness and research funding for The Cure Starts Now.  This year’s JBT game will be held at the Merrill Fay Arena in Laconia at 7:15 PM on Saturday, January 26th, when the Wolves battle the Connecticut Chiefs in an EHL Showdown.

We encourage you to come out and support the Wolves and this wonderful Foundation. There will be give-a-ways, a raffle and the popular “Not so Mini One-on-One” Shootout Competition, where members of the greater community take the ice in between periods to compete for the coveted JBT Trophy.

You can help support your favorite skater by visiting https://thecurestartsnow.salsalabs.org/jbt-shootout-2019/index.html.

John endured a 10 month battle with DIPG back in 2013 / 2014. DIPG is a terminal brain tumor that is inoperable and leaves families with no hope. John would be turning 12 years old on the 25th of March. There was nothing anyone could do for him five years ago, but together we can change that outcome for future families that are devastated with a DIPG diagnosis.

The Cure Starts Now is made up of 40 Chapters from around the globe and is one of the fastest growing Cancer Foundations in the world.  All the CSN Chapters are run by families who have lost a child to DIPG and fueled by Heart, Love & the Hope that a Homerun Cure for Cancer will be found. CSN has an overhead of just 3%, allowing almost every dollar to go straight to data collection and research. They are bringing the world’s best neurologists together and creating an unprecedented environment of collaboration. The money raised is spent wisely, ensuring that there’s no duplication in clinical trials and that all researchers are aware of what’s working and what’s not.

Please join us at the Merrill Fay Arena on January 26th at 7:15 PM for an evening of family fun, community camaraderie and some great hockey!

jbt hockey shootout 2018

We Got This.

5 Days Away!

Hope to see everyone on Saturday for the 5th Annual JBT Regatta at the Winnipesaukee Yacht Club. The Party starts at 4PM with live music, a special entertainer, free BBQ and a mind-blowing auction lineup that you don’t want to miss!

Please consider making a donation prior to the event to help us reach the elusive $100,000 mark. We raised just over 90K last year and every dollar helps, so please click HERE to make your tax deductible donation!

If you’d like to support a particular sailor and help their boat gain an advantage on the water then you can do so at http://support.thecurestartsnow.org/site/TR/ChapterDIY/General?pg=entry&fr_id=1490.

Thanks for your love and support!

July 14th – 5th Annual JBT Regatta

On June 2nd 2013, John began his 10 month battle with DIPG.  This July 14th, 5 years later, our community will come together to continue to fight for a homerun cure at the Annual JBT Regatta & Auction, to be held at the Winnipesaukee Yacht Club.

The Cure Starts Now Foundation is making incredible progress in the pursuit of a cure.  We have the World’s best Pediatric Cancer Doctors working together and the DIPG Collaborative is making great strides in their research and our efforts over the past 5 years have made a huge impact.  We are confident that that The Cure Starts Now Foundation has the passion, direction and blueprint to end the disease that takes away so many of our loved ones.

Please save the date.  Want to sail? No worries, you really don’t need to be a sailor to fundraise and get out on the water.  You just need a boat and a crew! Have auction items? You can use our 5th Annual JBT Auction Donation Form to donate.  Monetary donations (tax-deductible) can be made through John’s CSN Website or by sending a check, made out to The Cure Starts Now Foundation with a Memo: JBT Regatta / NH Chapter to: Jesse Thompson, PO Box 7305, Gilford, NH 03249.  Any questions please email Jesse at jesse@ndprecast.com.


Our family is one of many in this fight – We have committed to never give up, just like John.  Please be there on July 14th.  It will be a great day, everyone is welcome and we need your help to ensure that the New Hampshire Chapter continues to be an influential player in the fight against DIPG.  We are making a difference … Together!