Update from Memphis

Hi everyone,

We are just “resting” at the Memphis airport … our flight is delayed but we are hopeful to get home tonight.  Sounds like we missed an awesome snow storm, can’t wait to get home and start digging out!

Update from Memphis

John had a case of the flu on Christmas Day and we’ve since noticed some changes that make us a little nervous: nasal voice, off-balance, hard time hearing and his eyes were a little off as well … these things were obviously a concern to us coming into this next round of imaging.

John had a MRI at Judy’s yesterday and we met with the doctors this morning…. the tumor does not appear to be any bigger, which is great news.  However, there is some swelling in there which could explain some of the things we’ve been seeing.  This swelling can be from cancer cells regenerating or cancer cells continuing to break down, only time will tell but we feel strongly that it’s the latter.

We leave Memphis optimistic that the swelling is just a side effect of Radiation and the Chemo doing it’s job, nothing more.  Thank you for your thoughts and prayers … we are so thankful for your continued love and support.

Jesse & Alison

Hope Santa was Giving!!

Hello everyone,

Sorry  we have not been in touch over Christmas, it has been a fun filled crazy week!  Santa came and while he brought my sisters and I lots and lots of goodies, he also brought the flu that has spread like wildfire through our house!  On the up side though, we have not let that deter us from having a wonderful time with our family.

We celebrated our first Christmas at our house.  It was really nice being able to spend the day in our pajamas.  After Christmas we headed north to Bear Rock Lodge where we spent time snowmobiling and sledding. We also went bowling! It was really fun. Now we’re home to celebrate the New Year!

We head to Judy’s tomorrow for a check up. Well keep you posted. Please keep the positive thoughts and prayers coming!

Our family wants to wish you all an amazing 2014 filled with love and laughter.

All my love


Miracles Happen!

Down by 12 points with just over a minute to go, the Patriots were able to pull off an inconceivable victory yesterday  –  And we were there to see it!

Ryan Wendell is the man! Mom thinks that he’s the ‘Center of the Universe’, cause he plays center and he’s wicked nice.  A huge thanks to #62 for making it happen, giving me a ‘Game Ball’ and playing catch with us down on the field after the game.  We got to meet Dan Connolly, Logan Mankins and James Devlin too  —  Ryan threw me a pass and I ran the whole length of the field!  Dad couldn’t catch me because I’m fast and he’s slow.

All in all, it was a really cool & cold day in Foxborough.  The Pats looked down and out but they fought hard, came back and got the win ….

Life Lessons by The Pats:  Don’t ever give up!

xoxo JBT

Birthday Party!!


Dads Birthday

Today is Daddy’s birthday. We had a fun celebration tonight.
He was really excited to get a new pair of slippers. It’s crazy what old people get excited about!
We hope he has an amazing 35th year filled with love and laughter.

We love you Daddy!!! Happy Birthday!!!

xoxo  JBT, Clara and Elizabeth