32 thoughts on “JBT, Family & Friends Pics

  1. Beautiful photos of a very special family! Your strength and courage will help John through his journey back to good health. We are keeping all of you in our thoughts and prayers.

  2. The Entire Denley Family send their love to all of you. We are out here praying everyday. Thank you for posting this blog and offering us a way to help out.

  3. Strength & Hope little man, we are wearing your bracelets with pride. Jesse and Alison you are one of the most generous and kind families we know. All our energy and focus is on seeing your family happy and healthy just like the awesome pictures you shared. All our love,

  4. What fantastic photos- he sure does know how to steal a heart! I love you pal – fight the good fight!

  5. I sure miss seeing John’s smiling face and I’m sending all my love and support to you all!!
    You have an amazing family and I know he is loved very much. I pray daily for the best prognosis. xo xo

  6. Loved all the pictures! What a beautiful family!! Sending good vibes and prayers daily to John!!! Love to you all!! Erin

  7. All of the Leaches are sending their love John’s and his family’s way. Beautiful pictures of beautiful people. We look forward to the news, so thank you so much for sharing it this way. Be confident in your Southern medical family: people here are smart, focused, and determined, and they will see this through!

    • Hi John,
      Hope you’re doing well. Be tough little friend. I think about you every day and send you and your family warm wishes for strength.
      ; ) Mrs. Coffey
      PS I sent Mrs. Madore a picture of you and your family! Hope you like it!

  8. John Bradley- did you know that when I shaved my head 6 years ago for St. Baldrick’s (to raise money for children’s cancer research) your grandmother was one of THE FIRST people into the flower shop to give me a check for the cause! You have a wonderful family- be strong- the people that love you- go to the moon and back! Sending only positive thoughts your way-
    Susan Brown

    PS. Think we can get your Aunt Becky to shave her head for you 🙂 ?

  9. You are all so brave…Stay strong! I’m sending all my positive vibes down to you.
    I love you and miss you guys more than you know!!
    You are such a beautiful family 🙂

  10. I am sending all my positive thoughts to you John; you are a brave little soul. Stay strong and know you are loved. Angela

  11. Be Strong John, we love you so much and are always thinking of you. Stay Strong you can do it. We will be waiting for you back at home ❤

  12. I wish to extend to The Thompson Family my heartfelt thoughts, and prayers for John Bradley.
    If ever the time comes that you need anything……..I’m right here.

  13. To the prettiest boy in the whole wide world-
    All we can say is, your sister would know!! Hope you have a good weekend, swimming and resting.
    That pool water feels a LOT warmer than the lake water at Welch Island, doesn’t it?
    love and kisses from the Leaches

  14. John you are the strongest boy I have ever met all my thought go to you. Were are sending our love to you xoxo
    love Julia

  15. John, summer has arrived late in N. H. this year, just waiting for you to return home to enjoy. Keep up the hard work you are doing,for sure it is working !! Love to you all, Paula and David

  16. Sending prayers to you, John. You are a beautiful soul. Hold on to your smile and strength. You and your family are in our thoughts and hearts.
    The Trotta family – New York

  17. You are a wonderful person, John. I can tell you have a lot of friends and family who love you very much. Do you like animals? I take naps with my dog too. She is a Lab, too, but a Chocolate one! Feel better soon, and remember that you are a super hero!
    Chandler (from Norwell, MA)

  18. Did I hear today is your birthday, John?? Happy Birthday to the sweetest, smartest, funniest, most polite little boy I’ve ever met!! Love, The D’Agatas

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  20. My heart breaks for your family after reading John’s story. You were given a beautiful boy and he was taken to soon. I would be honored to shave my head June 7th at St. Patrick’s childhood cancer fundraiser in his honor. My prayers go out to you all. GOD is a great and all powerful. He is with Jesus.
    Nadine Jordan, Laconia

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