Day 24

Day 24

Hi Friends,
Today was a good day and we had an awesome weekend poolside at the Gorman’s (some sailing friends who have a house down here).  All of my mom’s best friends from high school visited, which was really nice for mom and gave me and dad some guy time – Last night we went out for a steak!  We also found time to make our Wish Flags … don’t forget to pick up your kit at the Gilford Library this Wednesday and thanks to Mrs. Matthewman for organizing the project.
I also want to thank everyone for all the nice cards and packages.  The mailroom people all laugh and are like “who is this rock star John Bradley”… you guys are the best!  We are getting really close to the end of treatment and hope to be home within the next few weeks, so if you feel like you need to send me something, please ship it to Bickford Road and it’ll be waiting for me when I get HOME.
Only six days left of RT- Can’t wait to see you.

13 thoughts on “Day 24

  1. You look so awesome John!!! I LOVE the idea of the net…. you’re so smart! Now you can catch all those wishes coming your way! Love you and can’t wait to see you!

  2. Your flag is AWESOME!!!! I can not wait to make my own on Wednesday. Sending tons of hugs. It is so wonderful to see your smile daily. I know there are many people who are looking forward to your return, you have been missed tremendously. Again your strength is amazing.
    Mrs. Madore

  3. Love the flag John! Can’t wait to see you back home. Keep up the great work buddy! You are so strong!

    Ann, Dana and Owen Farley

  4. Looking good brave boy, we love reading your posts and seeing that awesome smile!! Happy your mom spent time with her friends and how cool you and dad had a guys night:))
    We are thinking about you every day, see you all soon!! xo The Pikes

  5. Your Art projects just keep getting better and better. You are going to be one amazing first grader. I think going to Judy’s to help get rid of that tumor was a great idea. Except I miss you like crazy. Xoxox ewit

  6. Hi John! Thanks for all the great messages! We are all so proud of you and can’t wait until we get you back home in New Hampshire. Keep up the great job! Love and hugs, Lynn Carpenter Smith, UNH Alumni Association and Lakes Region Alumni Chapter

  7. Thank you alison,jesse, and john for an amazing weekend in memphis! John I miss watching you swim already! Those twist jumps off the diving board were awesome! those one handed catches and right handed throws were the bomb! Not to mention your artwork! Your one talented boy, thanks for sharing your mommy with me this weekend! Love you all so much! Xoxo kate

  8. Hi, I am so happy to hear You have been having fun with Friwnds and Your family. I bet Your special day with Day. Give Kisses, to Mom, Dad Clara, baby Elizabeth, love aunt Patty, Nikko, Alex and Devin

  9. Glad to see you so happy and having a great time 🙂 Met your aunt Kaylee and uncle Dan yesterday, and cousin Otto. They are thinking of you every day, and so are we at Jack’s Angels Foundation. You’re looking great at day 24!!! Much love to you and your mommy and daddy 🙂
    Our very best,
    The Demeter Family in CA

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