A Wish coming true….

Today, Make-a-Wish New Hampshire came to take John and the family to the Caribbean to fill John’s Wish of getting his summer back

Make a Wish picked up the family first, then surprised John at school.  Just before the school day ended, all the students made their way outside, with huge signs, big grins and so much spirit!  John and his first grade classmates were the last to walk out.  It was an amazing surprise!

John from the limo

Classmate Group HugJohn with the State Troppers

31 thoughts on “A Wish coming true….

  1. Wow!!! What a great wish John and you deserve every bit of summer;). You filled Aiden’s day and all of GES with your positive vibes!!!! Have so much fun xoxo the Marshies and Staffords

  2. Anna got off the bus shouting that you stood on a car today, John. I didn’t doubt it for a second. I am so glad this moment was captured on video and in pictures. I got goosebumps and I wasn’t even there. Have so much fun in the sun with your family.

    P.S. The smile on Clara’s face is priceless.

  3. What an awesome surprise – what a great organization! HAve a wonderful summer! Where are you going? Have lots and lots of fun. You and your family are totally awesome.

    with lots of love, Uncle Andrew’s mom Anne

  4. Hey, John, that’s so great! Enjoy your (delayed) summer, and your trip! I’m sure you and your family will have a wonderful time! 🙂

  5. Good morning, my sweet, beautiful little buddy! May all your summer wishes come true!
    Mrs. A. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  6. Seeing this brought me to tears! So wonderful to see such happiness on your face john. You’ve been through so much and we are soooo happy that you and your family are going to be able to make some more summer memories in Caribbean! Have an incredible time Thompson family! We think of you all often! Xo love the Fleurys.

  7. Amazing ! Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible especially all those who chilled in a raft! Still a little sad that his wish wasn’t to be the ring bearer at his aunt’s wedding in a barn with sleeping for 200!
    Have so much fun xo

  8. Enjoy every moment. What a send off and only you would jump off a limousine :). You do everything in such a cool, fun and creative way and heading off to celebrate your “summer” should not be any different. AMAZING!!!!!!

  9. Special sendoff for a very special little boy!!!! Hope you have a totally awesome time in St. Lucia!!! Can’t wait to hear all about it…. Love to all…

  10. What an amazing moment! Anna B was so excited to tell me John left in a big, long white car and he JUMPED off the top! Have a wonderful time, Thompsons!!

  11. Just saw you and your family on TV JBT! It brought tears to my eyes! You are everyone’s hero and I am so happy you and your family are on vacation. Have fun and live it up! Can’t wait to hear all about your vacation. Love and hugs, Lynn Carpenter Smith, UNH Alumni Association

  12. Looks like you are ready for some jumping into the Caribbean, John! You are all going to have so much fun! Watch out for Pirates! Thanks to all the generous friends who made this happen.

  13. Thanks for sharing these great happy pictures, John. You and your family certainly deserve this special ‘wish come true’!!!!! I know you will all enjoy, to the fullest, every minute of this ‘summer vacation’. Hugs….your Uncle Pete’s Mom

  14. Can’t believe you stood on top of the limo! Way to start your vacation! Have fun in the sun! Xoxo

  15. OH Happy tears to start my morning!! Love to you all – enjoy your “summer” everybody!! John make sure you & Clara go snorkeling- there is SO MUCH to see in the beautiful water down there!!! Hugs to all!!

  16. hi again john!!!!I commented on another picture instead of this one. what a send off you had! you all look so happy. I hope you and your family have a wonderful summer in the warm water and sun. enjoy every moment.

  17. This just brought a few tears to my eyes! But not out of sadness. I was filled with joy to know you are getting this special trip as well as all of the support and love you get from your school! That is so awesome!!!! I love the pic of you standing on top of the limo! Who’s the coolest kid ever?!? Clearly YOU are!!!! Have such a great trip!!! Enjoy the sun and sand!!!

  18. It brings tears to my eyes to see all of the support your family is getting. It is truly a caring community that is pouring out their love for you. You are so Blessed~ Have a wonderful time away!

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