15 thoughts on “Day 12

  1. Great to see a silly picture of you and Mom!
    Happy Fourth, John! Maybe you will get to see some fireworks!

  2. Love the smile! Had a surprise today Jenn brought Clare to the gym. When she was leaving Clara asked if I missed her when she went to Boston I said I missed you all. love you guys

  3. You look amazing! Happy fourth, I hope you get to celebrate. Your mom has been doing a wonderful job taking you to some incredible places while you are down in Tennessee. Keep being strong!

    Mrs. Madore

  4. Sorry today was boring, but it’s not every day that you can get nibbled by a giraffe or pat a sting ray! It’s great to see pictures of you having fun! It’s really hot here so I’m glad you have a pool you to go to!
    lots of love to you and to your Mom and Dearest. Anne

  5. Love the picture!!! I’m sure you won’t be bored for too long knowing you guys… Hope you have a happy 4th… Always thinking of you… Love, Lee and Moe

    Sent from my iPad

  6. Hope you guys had a fun fourth of July! When I get bored I take a nap….you guys make such funny pictures! Pretty soon you will have a new cousin, John! Hope you get strong and well and get home soon! Give mommy and Dearest big hugs for me! 🙂

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