Me and my Patriots artwork.


This past weekend we watched the Patriots preseason game.  Uncle Pete and Aunt Beck got me a new Pats football to celebrate my homecoming.  I’m working on drawing our logo.

Mom and I had to catch a plane home tonight, so I’ll update you on our Judy’s visit tomorrow.  Thanks again for all your well wishes.



9 thoughts on “Me and my Patriots artwork.

  1. Well if that logo is anything like all the ones I saw you drawing on the beach a few days ago, then it’s going to be some great artwork! I was impressed with your drawings and how you were doing it all with your left hand…nice job John. 🙂 -Micah’s mom

  2. JB – Brady looked good, the new guys show promise, I feel good about this season. And if Gronk comes back strong, I think we’ll be having lots of high 5’s up at your house . . . can’t wait . . .

  3. Hi John, Soooooooo glad you’re on your way home… Hope you and Mom have a safe trip back little buddy…. Love the artwork!!!! Hugs, Lee and Moe

  4. John, you will have to teach Otto all about football next month. He doens’t know anything about it, if you can believe that! Can’t wait to see you NEXT WEEK!

  5. We think all the artwork is terrific; we are so impressed with the colors and details and how you are creating it!! Keep up the great work!

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